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Shepherd Garage Door Service

Billings Overhead Door Company is your one-stop choice for overhead garage door installation and repair in Shepherd, MT. Since 1953, we have been committed to saving our customers time, providing the best prices, and offering excellent customer service.

Reliable Repair Technicians 

Our technicians have extensive years of experience and are highly trained to repair every kind of garage door. We do not want to waste your time and aim to get the job done right the first time. Billings’ technicians are trustworthy and responsible, so you can rest assured that they will not haphazardly cause additional damage to your garage or home.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

Is your garage door having difficulty opening and closing? One reason for this could be an issue with the photo eyes. Photo eyes are garage door sensors that look like mini video cameras and are on the side of a garage door and placed about six inches off the ground. These sensors are made to stop and reverse the garage door if something is in the way, stopping the garage door from opening and closing.

To resolve this issue, quickly contact us for a garage door inspection. We promise to get your garage door working in no time.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs are a common problem. While it's easy to diagnose, it’s safer to let professionals examine the garage door first to confirm a broken garage door spring is the issue. Contact us today, and our technicians will take a look.  

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