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Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Parts Selection Guide

Billings Overhead Door CompanyFor many homeowners, the garage is considered the most multifunctional and hardest working space on their property. But how much do homeowners really know about their garage? It is the largest opening in your house, but you may not even be aware of a problem that can leave your garage door broken, unsecured, or prone to failure.

Garage Door Parts Guide for Homeowners in Billings

Here is a list of the most common garage door parts and their functions. By using this guide, we hope you will be able to make more informed decisions about your garage, such as assessing the door for repair at the first sign of trouble or setting up a spring or fall maintenance plan for keeping your garage door operating safely.

1. Photo Eyes

Safety sensors that sense objects in the path of the garage door, triggering the reverse mechanism in the garage door.

2. Track Brackets

L-shaped brackets that secure the garage door to the wall.

3.Vertical Lift Track

A type of Hi-Lift track that is usually found in commercial/industrial garages.

4. Flag Brackets

Right-angle braces for residential and commercial garage doors. Used for securing and stabilizing overhead-action garage door tracks to each other and the door frame.

5. Cable Drums

Circular rollers at the end of the torsion spring shafts that help the door cables to wind and unwind. These help the garage door remain balanced and level.

6. Horizontal Track

Garage door track that carries the weight of the entire garage door.

7. Angle Iron

A bracket that supports the horizontal track from the ceiling.

8. Shaft

For torsion spring counterbalance assembly.

9. Torsion spring

Springs that lay along the top of the door and counterbalance the weight of the garage doors, making them easy to open and close.

10. Quick Disconnect Door Arm

An emergency system that allows quick disconnect if there is a power failure, allowing the garage door to be operated manually.

11. Top Fixtures

Hold the top roller for the garage door and adjust the top section for a secure fit.

12. Graduated Hinges

These carry rollers and hinge door sections together.

13. Bottom Fixtures

Bottom corner brackets that carry the bottom garage door roller and provide the connection for the lifting cables.

14. Weatherstrip

Acts as a seal between garage door and floor.

15. Center Hinges

Hold garage door sections together.

16. Winding Cones

Plug into the garage door torsion spring and provide a way to add tension to the spring.

17. Extension Springs

Also known as “stretch springs,” they are often found on older doors and help take the weight of the door during opening and closing.

18. Garage Door Opener Parts/Accessories

Replacement parts that may include worm gear assembly, drive belts, circuit boards, starting capacitors and light socket kits.

19. Rail Components

Garage door parts that include T-rail, chain or belt, travelers’ assembly, and front idler bracket.

20. Rollers

Rod and wheel system that connects the door to a set of tracks, allowing the door to open and close smoothly.

21. Lock & Handle

The lock secures the garage door. The handle allows the user to manually move the garage

22. Pulley & Sheave

The pulley is a wheel crucial to the counterbalance of garage doors with springs. The sheave is a rotating, grooved wheel inside the pulley.

23. Bearing Plates

Used to secure the counterbalance spring assembly to the door track and to the wall.

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